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As originally published in the Winter 2011 Upland Almanac

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As originally published April 2013 in the Maine Sportsman


SuperclaysI believe that Super Clays is the only realistic clay target game designed by a hunter for bird hunters. It has some things similar to skeet, but it is not skeet. It has two houses with two traps in each house. All four traps are mounted on modern skeet oscillators. A round of Super Clays consists of fifty targets from ten stations. The stations are mobile and are moved to different positions weekly. Premounting the shotgun is not allowed. The ready position is with the butt stock below the arm pit. The targets may be launched immediately or up to three second delay.


The possible shooting scenarios are almost endless. No matter how much or how often one shoots Super Clays, perfect scores will be few and far between. I’m so confident that perfect scores will be next to nonexistent, I’m considering offering one thousand dollars for a perfect 50 X 50. If you are a bird hunter, you will enjoy the immense variety of wing shooting opportunities Super Clays provides.

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