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Over 45 years instructing and 60 years of wing shooting experience.


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Emails from Students


Thanks again for the lesson.... You are a great teacher and I learned so much. I am looking forward to practicing my mount to get it quick and smooth. My son and I will be calling you in the spring for sure!


Hi Brad,

Just shot my first pheasant with one shot! I Couldn't have done it without your shooting instruction. My husband was very happy - almost as happy as my dog that flushed and retrieved the bird!

I'll be back for more lessons soon! Thanks!



Chuck and I had a ball at the Ruffed Grouse Society. Thanks Brad!


Hi Brad,

I had a good opening day hunting. I missed a few, but knew what I did wrong each time I missed and was able to make corrections thanks to you. I shot my limit. That is the first time I ever did that! Thank you very much for all the help. I learned a lot and really enjoyed everything that you taught me.


Hello Brad:

I shot 100 rounds of Sporting Clays at Scarborough F&G yesterday ... I probably hit about 70%. That’s the best ever for me there... And I SMASHED many targets too.

My buddy who was shooting with me was REALLY impressed with how much improved my shooting was! ... In fact, I outshot him on several stations, and on one station where the targets crossed I got my first ever “doubles”, two times too. What a thrill!

Thanks to your recent instruction, I had a FUN time at the range yesterday – even with the rain – and I really enjoyed the course.

Anyway, I wanted to give you this report on how much better my shooting was yesterday… THANKS to you for helping!

Hollis ME


Thank you for the great lesson. I learned more from you in two hours than I have in the past two years trying to figure it out myself and listening to other shooters. You are a true \"teacher\". I am looking forward to another lesson.

Thanks again,


Hi Brad,

I'll let Cody tell you the story, but it took some serious patience that paid off for him. He did everything you taught him!


See slideshow of Cody's turkey hunt

Dear Brad,

Every time I get your guidance, I improve my shooting. I am expecting to go to Montana in late October. This year their crop production has been outstanding and if there is food, there should be a lot of birds.

Warm personal regards,


Hi Brad,

Just a note to say “Thank You” again for the instruction I received today. It helped to get me pointed in the right direction. I know much more is needed, but you’ve given me a great start. Very much appreciated, and you fulfilled every promise made. (I had a great time too.)


Thanks so much Brad for a truly positive experience!!! Mary really enjoyed her lesson. We will definitely plan to see you in 2015.


Brad, Alyss and Moonie,

After meeting you folks at Cole's, Lianne and I decided we'd take a lesson with you. After all, none of five previous instructors we'd tried had been able to make any progress at all; we had nothing to lose.

From the get go, you identified the obstacle, Lianne's cross dominance issue. With your guidance, we settled on a full patch on the left eye, and a refitting, based on shooting with the eye fully patched. Instant results!

In your inimitable fashion, you explain, in plain english, what needs to be done, why it did or didn't happen, and how to adjust for a successful outcome. Well worth the trip; from anywhere!

The REAL bonus for us, however, is the friendship you, Alyss and Moon Dog offered us!

Our only regret is that we have to wait until April or so to resume!

Thanks for opening up the sporting clays world for us!

Pete and Lianne


I really enjoyed the photo gallery, I had never seen any of those pictures.  Thanks for providing me a foundation in shooting that has allowed me the opportunity to enjoy successful bird hunting and competitive shooting from Maine to Florida and out west to California where I was in a lengthy shoot off against California State Champ Don Zigler in Southern Elmonte at Pachmyer Shooting Park.

I was asked promptly after the shoot off ended, who taught you how to shoot like that, I said \"my dad, Brad Varney\". If you want to hit targets in the sky, both birds and clay targets are easy if you take the time to listen to my dad\'s approach. Guaranteed you will get there.

I picked up a shotgun after a 17 year layoff from shooting while raising a family and broke 91 out of hundred cold turkey (no practice and a shotgun that was a little short for me) based on Brad\'s shooting fundamentals and you could too.

In closing, shooting is so much fun and provides a life time of enjoyment if you learn from the best, \"my dad\".


Richard Varney

Hi Brad,

[Our recent hunt] was my first time out with the dog, Arlo, who you met a few weeks ago (the English Springer Spaniel).  We got a total of about 10 to 12 hours of hunting this week. He flushed 8 grouse and 3 woodcock. It was so thick with leaves that I only saw three of the flushes, I was able to get one shot at a grouse and one at a woodcock and I nailed them both, thanks to you.

My Dad and I really appreciate all the work you have done for us. I would not have hit these two birds if it weren't for your great teaching.

Thank you,
Chris Norton


I want to thank you and Mrs. Varney for a wonderful time at your training center. Not only was your hospitality exceptional your training method was great for a beginner like me. I deeply appreciate you time and am looking forward to my next trip to Maine.


Dear Brad,

Just wanted to thank you and your lovely wife for an amazing day today!  The three boys (well, four with Tim) and I had such a great time.  We weren't sure what to expect, and we were all amazed at how much we learned while enjoying every minute.  You are an excellent teacher!  We appreciated the time you spent with each one of us on proper technique, as well as helpful hints on improving with each shot.  We would love to come back sometime--not to just get out of the Austin heat--but to get back to some skeet shooting!

Love and Blessings,

Tim, Lora, Zac, Cam and Josh

Dear Brad,
I just wanted you to know how pleased Stephanie and I were to have the opportunity to work with you today.  We were both completely amazed and impressed with the quality of your instruction and the rate of our improvement.  You are one of the most effective teachers I have ever met and I am looking forward to coming back soon!
I'll be picking out a firearm thus week and would like very much to cone back to see you soon.  Maybe in two weeks?
Thank you!

- Matt   

Brad & Alyss,

I had so much fun learning!  You're a wonderful teacher, so I'm glad I could return the favor by being a good student.  You made me feel comfortable and confident on a day I was feeling a bit nervous. Now I want my own gun so I can continue shooting skeet.  That's how much I enjoyed it! I'm determined to hit those dual clays and hopefully move on to other challenging shots. 

Thank you all for making us feel so welcome and comfortable and providing such a fun day. Can't wait to come back!

- Casey & Tom

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the time on Sunday. I had a good time, and learned a great deal. I've also reached out to Cole's, and appreciate your advice there

Soccer great Pele once said "Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string." If that's true, then you have everything a shooter could want. You know the sport inside and out, and share your knowledge in bite-sized chunks, easy to absorb and digest.  The immediate proof of your teaching is shown in broken clays scattered across the range; more importantly, you teach in a way that will stay with me into the field this fall and beyond. You gave me confidence and good advice, and I'm not sure anyone can ask for more than that.

- Angus King III

Hi Brad,

I wanted to thank you for your help on my problem targets the last few months.  It’s paying off.   Two weekends ago I was RU in both the Main event and Full Choke Challenge at Scarborough.  The main event had about 90 shooters. This weekend I won at Hermon on Saturday (their Mud Shoot) and at Chester R&G in New Hampshire on Sunday.

My scores for the last 9 registered main events I’ve been in have all been 90 or better, with a 95 yesterday at Chester.

Your help made those scores possible. Thank you!!

Mark  -  June 2012

Hi Brad,

Rob and I want to extend our heartiest appreciation for the fantastic time we had yesterday at Varney’s Clay Sports!  We enjoyed every minute and feel we are much better shots now, having spent the afternoon under your excellent tutoring.

I’ve been in the field of education for over 30 years and have seen a many good teachers and many excellent teaching techniques.  You have a style, depth of knowledge, and ability to tailor your teaching message to different types of learners that rival the very best instructors I’ve had the good fortune to meet.    You transitioned with ease between teaching my son Rob, a college athlete with excellent hand/eye coordination, strength and pretty good eyesight, and teaching me, an aging dad with a wobble in my stance and an unfortunate A-type personality seeking to overthink the shot.  You encouraged Rob’s good habits and helped me break my bad habits so we both grew as better shooters.

After just a few hours, you had improved our performance dramatically.  The proof is in our results – in one afternoon, we went from hitting less than 25% of our targets to hitting over 75%, and Rob closed the day with 11/12 shooting!  Not only will we be coming back for another lesson soon, I hope to bring my other son and my daughter so they can learn how to shoot like an ace from the very best teacher around – Brad Varney!  (also known as Roy Rodgers…: ) )

Send our best to Alyss. We’ll see you soon.

All the best,


Hi brad and alyss,
I just wanted to thank you guys,i had a blast at Sundays shoot.

Thanks again,
rusty murray & remington

Dear Brad,

Thanks for the wonderful lesson and I can not believe how much I learned and improved in just two short hours of instruction.
You are a natural teacher and your methods of positive reinforcement and practical instructional techniques are just what I needed. After 40 years as an educator and coach I can recognize a natural born teacher when I see one and you are all of that! Anyone form novice to experienced could benefit by spending time with you on the range. When we started the day I was hitting about 40 percent of the clays and by the end of the second hour I was hitting 90 percent. I know you charged for two hours of instruction but you spent nearly three hours with me and what a pleasure in this day and age to get everything I paid for and more! Determining my eye dominance issue and straightening it out was worth every penny of the lesson. But it was your easy going personality and the fact that after only a few minutes I felt we had been friends forever that made lesson so meaningful to me. Thanks again for everything and I certainly will be back!

April 21, 2011

Brad, I want to Thank both you and Alyss for a great day Sunday. The boys kept saying how much fun they had and of course Nick reminded me repeatedly of how he beat me in the end. We look forward to coming back to try our luck again.

Thanks again for a memorable experience.

Chris, Nick, Drew

Hello Brad
Sorry it’s taken me so long to follow up. I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson and finally had the opportunity to go out and shoot today for the first time since my lesson two weeks ago. I’m pleased to say that in my second round, I shot an 18 (my previous high was 9) – I think I’m definitely getting the hang of this! Thanks so much – best to you and Alyss – I’ll be back to see you again later this summer.

Thanks again.

Hi Brad:
Besides learning a great deal during your instructions yesterday, you made the lessons a lot of fun for my daughter and me. Amy & I are looking forward to the next shoot to use some of your techniques & fundamentals.

Tail feathers first then body & head, what else have I already forgotten? I should have taken notes so get busy on that book.

Thank you again,
Ed’s daughter is now an instructor at L.L.Beans Wing Shooting School.

Hi Brad,
Just wanted to thank you for your instructions (and patience) with me the other day. 40 years of poor techniques is not gonna vanish too fast, but I do feel more positive about the future if I can continue to work on the goal of becoming a decent wing shot.
I did go to Beans and pick up some shooting glasses and hopefully taped my left eye lens properly. I also placed a dot on the wall and have been practicing correct gun mounting like you suggested. If you have any other idea’s I’m all ears!!
Thank you again and I’m looking forward to more instruction in a couple of months.


HI Brad:

My daughter & I enjoyed Varney’s Clay Sports very much. Thank you for a fun day of shooting.
Tell your nephew Ed, when you see him, that I said Hi and that retirement is great.


Mr. Varney,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that today I received my travel bag, that I had absent mindedly left at your range last Thursday.

Thank you so much for getting it packaged up and shipped to me so quickly!

We had a great time shooting your course, and may have “planted a seed” with the locals we shot with, and hopefully they will call on you to shoot in the future.
I am sending a check out tomorrow to help cover the cost of your shipping on the bag.

Thanks again, and I hope we can get back to Maine, and to your facility, to do it again.

Your flatland friends,

Tim and Cheryl

Here’s a very satisfied student:

I had a enjoyable time Thursday, shooting and learning how to do better.
Got to shoot when I got home, I busted birds on all five stands. Getting 3, 4, and 5s.
Forgot to ask on reloading, I am thinking I want to stay around Gun Club Loads.

Thanks for an enjoyable day,


Dear Brad,
Oh, I’m so glad that you didn’t have to resort to the sledge hammer…it’d be bad for your self-confident motto. And I’d just hate to be the cause of it all.

You can’t know how touched I was that my sorry day a week ago stayed on your mind as you searched for a solution. Of course, your first impulse was right (the dot); and then your having shown me how I jerked the gun actually helped me figure out I was looking in the wrong place for the bird. You actually couldn’t have a bigger fan among your students than I am (and by extension, when I shoot well) than Richard is.

So thank you for your patience. I actually came over today with a little trepidation, but I also came over thinking: “Brad’s undoubtedly right about the glasses.”

The two of you are so dear to me, Brad, I hope you and Alyss know it. (And Moonie and Rocky, of course.)

I’ll let you know how it goes in Saskatchewan and Montana, but I’m now going with confidence thanks (for yet another year) to you.

One last thing: tell me your mailing address so I can send a postcard to you.

Much love,

Hi Brad & Mrs. Varney,

Thank you for an enjoyable and helpfull lesson. I do plan on coming up again, as time permitts. God knows I need the practice!

I found your facility and insruction “Top Notch” and would recommend it to anyone.

Best regards,


Brad & Alyss,

Thanks so much for teaching me, my friends, and even “Ned the bachelor party boy” to shoot better. The rain did not deter us, and you made us all better shooters.

I did miss one target that day, so I guess I’ll need to come back to improve upon that!

I will be going to my gun club today to shoot a proper rifle with sights! However, a day with you really makes me want to buy a shotgun . . . . . We’ll see!

Thanks again, and give Rocky and Moony some treats for me,


Thank YOU Brad!
I had a great time and will most certinly shoot clays again.

Ed Shoemaker

Hi Brad,

Thanks again for another very valuable lesson! I’m working on a date to come down with my daughter. I’ll be in touch soon to see if our dates match up with your open times.

Have a good day. I haven’t taken the electrical tape off my sight!



Thanks so much for a wonderful time this afternoon. I learned a lot, now I just need to practice! I’m quite proud of myself and will be gloating for a few days at least!

Thanks again–we’ll be back.


Student in Oct., South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Trip

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I am still digging out after a few days away.

The trip was first rate everything. First drive I was positioned as a blocker and hit a bird that came directly at me, over my head at about 12′ and I hit it first shot once it past.

The head guide seemed impressed and treated me with royalty the next two days and made sure I traveled in his truck with plenty of coffee and always positioned best for the most shots. All because of his first impression.

I clearly remember you saying this is why you wanted me to see as many targets coming back at me. It paid off.

It was very cold and windy with rain and sleet both days. All the regular hunters said even though it was cold and windy it was excellent. The wild birds were more challenging than farm raised. The birds did not get up very high and once heading down wind the leads required were long. As the cold and fatigue set in the second day my shooting suffered but I did far better than the average hunter in my group.

I had a great time, beautiful country and wildlife, thank you for your excellent instruction. I have passed your name to may who have asked about me trip. I have not received any pictures from the group yet.



Thanks very much for the instruction I received from you last Sunday. You
helped me begin to pull together some of the things I have been doing over
40 years of hunting that I never realized. You also helped me to think
simple when it comes to shooting and to focus on what it is I’m shooting at.
You are a fantastic teacher and I learned a tremendous amount from you! I
will be back!

Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday despite the rain. We LOVED the Modern Skeet. We had a great time and very much appreciate your hospitality and your kindness. Already looking forward to the next visit.
All the best,

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been using the tips and techniques you worked on with me at Sporting Clays (seeing improvement with each round I shoot!) and Trap over at the Monmouth Fish and Game. With Trap, I used to shoot 13-15; tonight I shot an 18, 19 and a 22! Each week I’ve bee seeing steady improvement…thank-you, thank-you!! Heck I even shot a round of Skeet for the first time at your last Clays shoot, and I shot a 19! I think it’s time for another lesson, maybe sometime next week.
Eric R.

Hi Brad and Alyss,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help yesterday. I feel like I learned so much and think I’m finally on the right track. You both made Dick and I feel so comfortable. It was a great learning situation for me and we both hope to be back for a lesson soon. I’m going to practice and hope to be back perhaps late Sept./early Oct. Thanks again for all your help!
Frances M.

Good Morning Brad:
I don’t think I can even write down in words how much I enjoyed my first lesson at your facility Monday evening. I feel so much more confident after that lesson and now better understand some of the basics that I had never been taught. I am looking forward to several more lessons and will be in contact with you soon to schedule some. Thanks so much for a great lesson and for helping me better understand the basics of clay shooting.
Herb H.

Brad and Alyss,
Thanks so much for giving me the time to come and shoot on your range. I learned a lot in two short hours, not the least of which is the dot over my left eye! Last Thursday I shot three rounds of trap over at the Monmouth Fish & Game. My first two rounds were higher than I usually shoot (a 15 and a 19!); by the time the third round was started the sun had moved around so much that it was glaring in my left eye. It made me squint and shift my head to the point that I was back to my old shooting habits, the last trap was only a 13 (but everyone elses scores fell as well). The major difference after my lesson is that when I break a bird it is usually dusted (90% of the time) and I feel like I can tell myself what I did wrong to miss the birds. Also the breaks just seem to happen without much thought, the sight picture looks right the gun comes up and the clay breaks – lots of fun! I hope to get back over for additional lesson work as the summer progresses, as well as shooting some Sporting Clays and Skeet.
Eric R.
PS= tell Rocky I said “hi” – he’s a great dog!

Thank you for showing us such a gret time. We had a great time as a family and spending time with all of you. I definitely learned a few tricks and will be back again with the family to try our luck in the woods again.
Thanks again and see you soon
Mike N.

Brad & Alyss,
Just a note to let oyu know, My wife and I had a very nice time on Sunday, we were really impressed with the friendly atmosphere at Varney’s Clay Sports, we felt right at home. The Sporting Clay Course is very nice, and I will be back to shoot again in the future. My wife may even take a shooting lesson.
Thanks again, best regards,
Mike & Darcie S.

I had given up hope that I would ever be able to be a decent wing shooter. I had put off going to lessons for years, afraid that I would just be embarrassed and humiliated when my instructor saw how bad I was. Your lesson was absolutely amazing  you and Alyss put me at ease from the moment I arrived, and the evaluation of my eye dominance problem before we even started shooting was nothing short of genius, as far as I’m concerned. In just one lesson, you brought me along in small steps to the point where I was able to blast those clays to bits, one after the other, and I could hardly believe my own eyes  that was me shooting! I was actually hitting them!
There are people who are skilled shooters, and people who are skilled teachers, and you have the rare gift of being both. You’ve given me new hope, that I CAN actually shoot, and I can’t wait for my next lesson to keep building on what you’ve taught me so far  I expect that you’ll be seeing me on the range for years to come.
Thanks again!
Darcie C.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how pleased I am with the results of my lesson with you this week. I shot twice this Sunday morning. The first was a nineteen, which equaled my previous best. The second time I shot a twenty one! Bear in mind that the last time I shot before seeing you, I shot a big juicy six. I realize that part of the problem was with the original gun but, your lesson made the biggest difference in my shooting. After seeing me shoot this morning, both my shooting buddies are ready to sign up for lessons. I’ll be calling you for another lesson soon. Thanks again.
Best Regards,

Hi Brad, Alyss and Rocky:
Thanks for sending me the results of the shoot. I really had a great time! The course was exceptional and the grounds were groomed to perfection. Thanks for providing us with a great day of shooting.
With Regards,

Brad and Alyss,
Thank you for your help. I appreciated your enthusiasm, patience, demonstrated ability and intense focus on my shooting form during my session with you. As per our conversation yesterday, I worked on your suggestions during the shooting session with Tom and Lynn. Some of your suggestions are beginning to ‘click’!
As soon as I can lock in my business schedule, I will be calling to schedule my next session with you.
Looking forward to it !
Best regards,


Greetings to you!
Brad Varney, you’re the man, as the youngsters would say! You are NUMBER ONE for sure!! Before my grandson and I took shooting lessons with you, I was apprehensive of even picking my shotgun up due to such poor performance last fall, which I felt was connected to a vision problem. The concept of using the sticky dot on the left lens of my shooting glasses has made a giant difference for me.
We did some trap shooting this weekend and I surprised myself and husband, too. I had been practicing finger-shooting seagulls over the lake to review your method of “tail, body, head – bird is dead”. I also employed “look, move, shoot” in my mock shooting. It all came together when we did the real thing and we were both impressed. A year ago I was lucky if I hit 1 or 2 clays per box of shells. This Saturday I averaged 3 out of 5, and even shot 5 out of 5 one time.
Bob benefited as he watched you instruct my grandson and me. He showed me how to do it (using my shotgun), hitting 15 out of 15 straight. Again, we were both impressed at how well your simple, straight-forward method works.
My blackened chin once again reminds me of the need to address the stock issue. Could we bother you for the name of a stock specialist with whom we could consult? It would be much appreciated.
Again, thank you for the help.
Take care,
Helen, Jackman ME

Dear Brad,
On November 27 you changed my shooting life forever. No more swinging past a blur and slapping the trigger on some guesstimate of lead. With your magic white patch on my shooting glasses, I can now see each target, whether clay or bird, clearly. It is amazing how easy shooting becomes when you can keep both eyes open and not have to worry about a master eye taking over. I find my peripheral vision is not hampered at all and I am retraining to keep both eyes open.
It is interesting that in over three years of shooting with Barney Hartman in the mid-60′s when he was C.I.L.’s shooting pro, I never heard a word about this method of curing cross eye problems. Lots of footwork and aim position but nary a suggestion of any cure, much less your simple one. Barney knew of my problem because we worked with full eye patches that did not work. That was how I came to close my left eye when swinging on the target.
Our plans are to come through your area the end of January on our way South. I will leave time for an hour’s instruction and a round or two of modern skeet. Keep up the great instructing.
J.B. (Buck) Parsons
PGTCA Certified Golf Instructor
South Ohio, N.S. Canada

Hi Brad,
I have had a great time shooting at your establishment and taken great pride in bringing friends out to experience the fun in shooting sporting clays and skeet.
A few of my friends have asked me about your background, and how you got into shooting, and how you became an instructor of this great sport. Also, they want to know how you decided on the location of Varney’s Clay Sports. I would like to see some of that information on your website, and of course, maybe others would, too. Thanks so much for the great times.
Jeff Turner