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Brad Varney (owner)
Wing Shooting Instructor
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Over 55 years instructing and 70 years of wing shooting experience.


What Students Are Saying About Us


Central Maine Newspaper Article by Dave Sherwood

Emails from Students

Brad, I hope all is well and you have shot a lot of birds.

Thanks for the shooting lesson on Friday 9/23. I missed a few birds opening day but cannot say I had any good looks at the birds as it was impossibly thick. Blue pointed about 10 Woodcock, and we did not move any Grouse. He cut a rear paw and split a front toenail, so he was off for a week but is on the mend. This past Saturday, I left at 4am with my son in laws Vizsla Penny and started hunting around 8:30am in Kingfield . Penny pointed about 5 birds early on. I missed 2 in a very thick first covert. At noon I took her to a honey hole I have, and she pointed a woodcock about 30ft out. The bird came straight back at me, so I turned around and got it going away to my left with a second barrel push though as it went behind a tree. I would have missed it without your help. Sunday, I went to Pittsburg NH and was in a woodcock hell hole. Penny was working the bird when it went straight up, and I got it on the second barrel turn around . The only reason I knew I hit it was I heard a thump. Penny pointed the dead bird . I can say I never saw any lead on either bird. I was focused only on the bird. I am in the process of changing the way I shoot skeet so that it becomes instinctive.

Best regards,
Michael D

Dear Mr. Varney,

Thank you for allowing us to shoot on your beautiful property, and for giving us helpful pointers. Thank you also for writing two wonderful books and sharing your lessons and stories with the world. If you are still open when we return next year, we will pay you a visit.

Your admirers John & Alex

Dear Brad,

Thank you so much for a great lesson. I haven’t had that much fun and learned so much too, in a long time. I really appreciate all your time and great advice.

Best regards,


Thanks again for the lesson.... You are a great teacher and I learned so much. I am looking forward to practicing my mount to get it quick and smooth. My son and I will be calling you in the spring for sure!


Hi Brad,

Just shot my first pheasant with one shot! I Couldn't have done it without your shooting instruction. My husband was very happy - almost as happy as my dog that flushed and retrieved the bird!

I'll be back for more lessons soon! Thanks!



Chuck and I had a ball at the Ruffed Grouse Society. Thanks Brad!


Hi Brad,

I had a good opening day hunting. I missed a few, but knew what I did wrong each time I missed and was able to make corrections thanks to you. I shot my limit. That is the first time I ever did that! Thank you very much for all the help. I learned a lot and really enjoyed everything that you taught me.


Hello Brad:

I shot 100 rounds of Sporting Clays at Scarborough F&G yesterday ... I probably hit about 70%. That’s the best ever for me there... And I SMASHED many targets too.

My buddy who was shooting with me was REALLY impressed with how much improved my shooting was! ... In fact, I outshot him on several stations, and on one station where the targets crossed I got my first ever “doubles”, two times too. What a thrill!

Thanks to your recent instruction, I had a FUN time at the range yesterday – even with the rain – and I really enjoyed the course.

Anyway, I wanted to give you this report on how much better my shooting was yesterday… THANKS to you for helping!

Hollis ME

Hi Brad, Alyss and Rocky:

Thanks for sending me the results of the shoot. I really had a great time! The course was exceptional and the grounds were groomed to perfection. Thanks for providing us with a great day of shooting.

With Regards,

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